PINCOOP is a technology-enabled investment Cooperative platform built for the purpose of co-investing to facilitate real estate projects in high-end environments and other forms of profitable investments which in turn yields high returns for the investing members of the cooperative.

PINCOOP is a brainchild of Paradise International Holdings, a reputable real estate holding company that operates across Nigeria with headquarters in Lagos State.
With PINCOOP we will facilitate co-investments of lands, off-plan properties, fully finished properties, long lease properties, distress sale properties, construction projects, Housing scheme projects, and project financing by our investing PINCOOPERS. We use our experience to look out for properties with very high yield potential that can easily be commercialized for our PINCOOP investing members to co-own, co-lease, or co-sponsor by shares/percentage.

After that, we commercialize the finished properties for short-let or annual rentals for ninety-nine years ~ this means that the subscribed co-investors would earn a minimum of 10% returns on their investment yearly and also enjoy capital appreciation every 2 years after the revaluation of the property by a registered quantity surveyor. This exercise would be done every two (2) years to determine the property’s current market value (CMV).
For Co-lease, the property would be co-leased for a period of 5-30 years depending on the lease available for the property and it would be used for short let purposes to earn the highest rental ROI. For co-lease properties, the co-investors receive their rental amount yearly plus the yearly rental returns and also enjoy rental appreciation starting from 5-25% in every 3 years which is determined by the current going rental rate.
For construction projects, off-plan projects, project financing and agricultural financing, the investors get back their capital invested with interest after the project duration (Lock-in) period elapses which is usually from (1-5 years) depending on the project dynamics and they earn high one-off profits from 20-300% depending on the number of years that their invested capital is locked-in.
Part of our goal as a cooperative is to grow our members to become the leading investment cooperative platform in Africa with the highest number of collaborative investors and investment portfolios.  

Our Vision

To be a leading technology Cooperative co-investment platform helping young professionals build generational wealth

Our Mission

PINCOOP’s mission is to capitalize on cooperative investment technology (COMPTECH)

Our Goals

Our goal is to use our tech-cooperative platform to help low- and middle-income earners to be able to access and afford high-end real estate investment portfolios and other profitable investments through our cooperative co-investment platform. Using technology, we aspire to be one of the leading real estate and investment cooperative agencies in the world with the largest number of members, which is why we have mapped out strategies that will help us take advantage of the available markets and grow to become a major force in the world at large.

Our Core Values


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