PINCOOP is an innovative real estate technology platform that has digitally transformed the experience and process of listing, buying, managing, and selling real estate investments, through its end-to-end data-driven platform for cooperative real estate ownership.
-Our mission is to ingest real estate assets and break them down into either percentage shares Unit shares, or square meter (SQM) shares through our PINCOOP (Technology) and smart platform to make them affordable and accessible to all.

– PINCOOP has come to simplify the complexities associated with investing in properties by building a cooperative co-ownership platform through technology.

– It’s so easy as in PINCOOP you don’t need to stress yourself about property verification and management as PINCOOP’s experienced management team takes care of that.

– The PINCOOP platform and management also take care of getting/finding other potential investors willing to co-invest in the same property by listing the property and making it available and accessible for all PINCOOPERS and the public interested in real estate products through co-investment to be able to co-invest easily.

– PINCOOP also manages the property post-acquisition by subscribers to ensure that all co-investors get the highest possible returns on their investment and great capital appreciation over time.

– We engage the services of property valuation professionals, and conduct due diligence, and property market analysis to help buyers and sellers make informed decisions when shopping for real estate investment opportunities.

– With almost two (2) decades of experience in real estate investment and management, PINCOOP management sources for viable real estate developers, properties, and real estate projects that are suitable for co-ownership and also have the potential to yield the highest returns possible.

– PINCOOP simplifies the co-investment process of real estate investments through technology.

– In addition to our technological expertise, we work with key stakeholders in the industry from real estate developers, owners, investors, brokers, managers, and regulators to reimagine the future of the real estate.

– PINCOOP eliminates any downsides/risks that might emanate from the co-ownership of properties and other investments.

– We use our proprietary technology to make investment property ownership as affordable as possible through cooperative ownership, superior property management, transparent accounting, and passive income distribution solution over an integrated platform experience.

– PINCOOP makes it as easy as possible for people to become landlords who own their share of income-producing properties, by providing a seamless and viable real estate investment co-ownership platform.

– PINCOOP seeks to Innovate the real estate industry to stimulate social and economic growth for members by making it easy for intending owners to buy, finance, manage and sell their properties.

– PINCOOP also eases housing supply constraints by facilitating easy access to alternative finance for real estate developers.

– Ultimately, The INCOOP platform creates an easy way for low and middle-income earners to build and enjoy sustainable wealth creation by co-owning cash-flowing properties, a privilege usually only available and accessible to high-net-worth individuals.

The PINCOOP platform is a vital component to bringing real estate co-ownership to fruition, enabling us to build an ecosystem.
The ecosystem will play a key role in developing a central marketplace where developers can host their projects and investors can co-invest in those projects without any middlemen. Also, our affiliate consultants can earn direct and residual commissions from referrals


The architecture of the system is based upon developing a smart contract to establish trust between four key parties viz;

Our keys to success are:

* Using technology, to help the low- and middle-income earners who ordinarily might not be able to access or afford high-end properties and investments to be able to do so now and partake in the high returns on investment associated with such investments. * To educate as much people as possible of the importance of savings and investments and the realization that no matter how small your earnings are, you can also be able to invest in high end luxurious properties and other investments by engaging in co-ownership through PINCOOP. * To elevate the quality and standards of living of PINCOOP members. * To imbibe and preach the culture of investing among our PINCOOP members and the world at large. * To reduce the rate of poverty and unemployment. * Focus on quality, effective and transparent professional workforce. * Experienced, trained and certified staffs, marketers, to generate great investment options and sales for PINCOOP. * Strategic partnerships with other reputable real estate and investment firms to partner with PINCOOP to enable them list their properties for subscription to PINCOOP members. * Strategic partnerships with other reputable property development companies to finance their projects and make high returns. * Affordable real estate ownership and investment for all. * Affordable housing for all through co-ownership * Corporate Social Responsibility * Innovative thinking and excellent professionalism. * Effective Leadership and management. * Specialized training for staffs, marketers and PINCOOP members. * Bonus/commission after each and every sale closed by staffs, or any of our marketers and PINCOOP members.
i. Low barrier to entry: large capital not required to invest in real estate assets or any other investment options as the fractional ownership and co-ownership system reduces the capital investments to the smallest share and barest minimum. ii. Ability to own piece of luxury at a low cost. iii. Low transaction costs iv. Increased Liquidity v. Access to large international pool of investors vi. Portfolio diversification vii. Fast, secure and automated transaction processing viii. Ability to host several projects ix. Minimal supervision required. x. Lower maintenance cost. xi. Great Return on Investment. xii. Great source of cash flow generation xiii. Great way to build up an investment portfolio xiv. Great way to earn multiple streams of income without stress. xv. Ease of transfer & right of first refusal. xvi. Sell at any time to recover your investments and profit. Easier to dispose and turn into cash. xvii. Enjoy all the benefits of owning a real estate investment with just a fractional amount which includes rental income for life (99years) and also maintaining continuous capital appreciation at the same time over the years. xviii. The total return of a property that can be rented can easily beat any other investment type. The combined rate of return of capital appreciation and rental income is substantially better.


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