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PINCOOP is a revolutionary real estate co-ownership investment platform that is set to disrupt the real estate market in Nigeria and change the status quo by making the real estate investment process seamless, safe, affordable, and accessible to everyone.

Everyone that has encountered me in any capacity knows how passionate I am about the real estate sector in Nigeria and how I have immensely contributed to its growth. All that I have was gotten through real estate investments and I know how profitable it is I also want everyone to be able to partake in the income-generating machine that is real estate investment.

The PINCOOP Idea was birthed over a decade ago (albeit not very clear at the time) during my early sojourn in the real estate sector as a real estate consultant. I noticed how unbalanced the real estate market was, making it almost impossible for middle and low-income earners to enjoy the full commercial benefits of investing in real estate and I wanted to change that.

One of the strongest wealth-building vehicles over time has been the investment in Real Estate and to think that this is not accessible to almost 70% of the Nigerian populace is mind-boggling. It got me thinking of what I can do to make it possible for low-income earners to be able to invest in real estate and enjoy the high returns associated with investing in real estate.

Over the years, investment platforms and Ponzi scheme platforms have been intertwined and confused as the same thing.
In a bid for people to build trans-generational wealth by investing their cash into beneficial investment platforms, they get scammed and cheated by the so-called ‘investment platforms’
Research has shown that over the past ten years, Nigerians have lost 300 billion naira to Ponzi scheme establishment and this is due to ‘innocent ignorance’. The dollar rate has risen from N122 (People thought it couldn’t go higher than this) to N705 the highest this year 2022, the cost of building materials keeps increasing, and the inflation rate is unbearable and affecting everyone, especially the ordinary Nigerians. But as crazy as this may sound, a lot of people still benefit from this sudden increase. These were the REAL ESTATE investors that had lots of money to invest in high-end real estate projects and investments that have the propensity to generate high yields. Then I thought to myself, what now happens to the ordinary low-income earners in Nigeria that want to partake in real estate investment but are unable to do so because they couldn’t afford to? So I said to myself, I need to do something immediately to change this- And I did by ensuring that PINCOOP is launched this year. It took me and the PINCOOP Team Six (6) consecutive months of constant work to put this together (We had to abandon some of our projects to enable us to conclude this).

Having an Investment plan in today’s world isn’t just a luxury, it’s a necessity. This is a guaranteed way of building sustainable and trans-generational wealth.

So once again, you are welcome to the PINCOOP PLATFORM!

We have really worked hard to ensure that you have a seamless experience navigating through the platform.

Wealth is not built in a day, so why don’t you start today by investing in real estate through PINCOOP? All you need to do is visit the marketplace, choose any co-investment options, and start your real estate investment plan today. With as low as N50,000 you can co-own prime properties in Banana Island, Ikoyi, Victoria Island, Lekki, and various prime locations globally.

You can get started by doing the following;

1. Create a Budget
2. Register and Sign-up on PINCOOP
3. A Property investment Expert (PIE) would be assigned to you to Educate you about our various real estate co-ownership offerings in the marketplace and how it works.
4. Browse through available co-investment options
5. Make a choice or different choices
6. Subscribe for the options selected
7. Complete your KYC
8. Start Earning high ROI, high Rental income for life, and capital appreciation depending on your investment choice. ….Invest hard, Live Soft!

Globally, properties built in 1800 are still standing firm and keep generating cash flow. We have built a digital platform that will keep building wealth for millions all over the world without barriers or restrictions.

Once again welcome to PINCOOP Africa’s No. 1 cooperative proptech real estate co-ownership platform. Watch out as we raise millions of millionaires across the globe.

Invest Now to change your life trajectory.

You can also join our PINCOOPERs affiliate network marketing system to refer and earn a direct commission of 5% and a residual commission of 1%.


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