PINCOOP makes it possible for you to be able to access and afford verified high-end property options through co-ownership. PINCOOP platform creates an easy way for low and middle-income earners to build and enjoy sustainable wealth creation by co-owning cash-flowing properties, a privilege usually only available and accessible to high-net-worth individuals.
PINCOOP is building a platform to stimulate and drive growth in the real estate market to make investing in high yield real estate products easy, affordable and accessible to low and middle-income earners through co-owning for the purpose of wealth creation and accumulation.

Anyone. But this is well  suited for middle- and low-income earners who cannot afford to pay a huge sum upfront for a property.

By signing up on the PINCOOP platform and registering as a member by joining PINCOOP.
Go through the property marketplace, find a property you are interested in co-owning and contribute money to acquire it.

The minimum share that can be co-owned is 0.1% but this varies based on the property.
The returns on investment differs based on the type of property. For choice properties, the returns on investment is guaranteed at 10% per annum while for others the ROI is projected.

For choice properties, the  returns on investment is paid annually from the property launch date while for other property types, the return is after the lock-in period.

Lock-in period is the minimum period you have to hold your share before you can sell it.
Yes, the number of investors is based on the number of shares available for co-ownership.
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