Own Your Share Of High - Income Real Estate Investment

Own Your Share Of High-Income Real Estate Investments

Proudly Africa's No. 1 Proptech

Ways to Co-Invest on the PINCOOP Platform

Proudly Africa's No.1 Proptech

Ways to Co-Invest on the PINCOOP Platform


This is when two or more people gather money together to co-lease a choice property on the PINCOOP platform for either 5-10 years or more and earn yearly rental income within the lease period.


This is when two or more people gather money together to co-own own a property on the PINCOOP platform to earn yearly rental income for life.The Co-ownership option gives you an opportunity to earn high annual rental income and also capital appreciation of 5%-20% in every 2 years.


This is when two or more people puts money together to sponsor a real estate project on the PINCOOP platform. The money is usually locked in till the duration of the project after which the co-sponsors shares profit from the amount realized from the project. Profits realized from co-sponsorship is usually very high.

A smarter way to diversify your real estate portfolio and create sustainable wealth through insured cooperative investment

PINCOOP platform creates an easy way for low and middle-income earners (Everyone) to build and enjoy sustainable wealth by co-investing in cash-flowing properties, a privilege usually only available and accessible to high-net-worth individuals.

Real estate investments at your doorstep…

Enjoy the highest possible returns from your own share of real estate products through co-investment.

Enjoy the highest possible returns from your own share of real estate products through co-investment.


Enjoy continuous access to the most affordable high yielding real estate investments broken down into units for your accessibility. You can now diversify your real estate portfolio seamlessly.

Receive your own share of high returns on investment from the properties you co-invest in.
Start your journey to sustainable wealth creation by seamlessly building a diversified portfolio from viable high end and high income producing property investment listings.

Earnings Till Infinity

Enjoy the benefits of co-investing in cash flow producing properties and receive continuous earnings for life.

Digitally Track and manage your own share of investment easily

With our seamless and user friendly platform, it is easy for you to track and manage your own share of real estate investments seamlessly with full guidance and protection by the PINCOOP management team by performing the following functions;

What they say about us

I for one, would definitely co-invest in various real estate offerings of my choice on the PINCOOP PLATFORM to diversify my property investment portfolio. The PINCOOP idea is a great one.
Adeola Otti
Online Data Analyst
Before now, because I am a salary earner, I saved for about 7 years to be able to buy an apartment in a developing community so that I can at least generate cash-flow through rents from the property but the annual rents I received wasn’t even up to 5% of the capital I invested in purchasing the property and the capital appreciation is very slow because it is still a developing area. co-investing on the PINCOOP platform would give me more returns on my investment so I would run with it.
Bolaji Oshodi
Civil Servant
I am a developer and PINCOOP appeals to me because I can actually list my property off plan on the PINCOOP platform to share profits from my building project with the off plan co-investors sits well with me because looking at the inflation rate and high cost of building materials and difficulties in getting loan to do business in this country, I don’t mind selling off plan and sharing profits with co-investors on the PINCOOP platform- it’s a WIN-WIN situation for all parties. Kudos on this one PINCOOP.
Mr. Jude Udeka
Real Estate Developer
I watched the PINCOOP Launch through their live stream virtually because of my curiosity and I am glad I did! PINCOOP is indeed the smarter way of owning a real estate product without stress of property management, tenant management and all the issues associated with solely owning a property. With PINCOOP It’s all about the soft life, I would just relax and earn more rental income and a higher capital appreciation without as much as lifting my finger.
Eseosa Ogbeide
Professional Footballer Italy
Looking at the list of products PINCOOP has and the ROI it made me really happy because, there is nothing as good as capitalizing on the goodwill of the PINCOOP’s management expertise to get the highest yield from my real estate investment.
Mary Esegbe
Project Manager: Elizabeth Aiden Events
The whole idea behind the PINCOOP platform is fantastic and as a property consultant myself seeing that they made the platform all inclusive to ensure consultants earn 5% commissions through the refer to earn affiliate system and also earn 1% residual commissions and bonuses delights me. I would definitely also co-invest too. May the good Lord give the Management of PINCOOP the strength to pull through.
Ms. Bimpe Olaitan
Real Estate Consultant
PINCOOP is really doing a remarkable thing in the real estate sector. I watched the inauguration and launch of PINCOOP virtually just to understand the idea behind it and I was really wowed- making high end real estate investments affordable and accessible to all without borders or barriers is an ingenious idea and it would really change the real estate dynamics in Nigeria in few years to come. Good one
Abdullahi Musa
Medical Doctor National Hospital Abuja
We all want to invest in real estate to get the highest possible returns on our capital without the stress and risks associated in doing so- that seemed impossible but PINCOOP is typically saying, hold my hands, I would make your wildest dreams come true, that means everything to me- I would definitely grow my real estate investment with PINCOOP.
George Chukwujekwu
MD: GC Clothing Line & Accessories
During the launch of PINCOOP, they kept talking about low income earners to be able to afford and invest in real estate. Even me that I am a very rich man would also invest oh, because PINCOOP’s offers and returns on investment is better than you doing it yourself because the bottom line of going into any investment is to cash out and PINCOOP is helping us achieve that with their experience and expertise in the real estate market. So it’s not just for low income earners alone, it’s for everyone that wants to make more.
Chief Donatus Ukeiyi
Business Man
You know, I am a developer and I personally know the founder of PINCOOP and I know how high her intellectual capacity as I have engaged her several times. She has integrity and her passion for the real estate sector in Nigeria is unrivaled. She has all it takes to ensure that what you see is what you get and without sounding condescending, I am really very PROUD of her and her feat in the real estate sector. Keep up the good work.
Tony T1 Kolawole
Real Estate Developer
I am a house wife and I love making my money work for me so that I can have enough time to spend with my family as I have a special need child. I have previously lost lots of money from fraudulent investment schemes in the past and for time now, I have been looking for ways to invest in real estate as it is one of the safest investment one can do these days but I have always been faced with the enormous amount I need to purchase a prime property that would give me rental returns as I need the cash flow to take care of my personal annual expenses. What PINCOOP is doing is actually commendable as it gives me the opportunity to enjoy even higher rental returns while still getting capital appreciation. Thanks PINCOOP.
Mrs. Chinasa Okorobuike
Remote Worker
It’s an overall welcome idea especially more now that the inflation rate is becoming alarming and everyone is looking for ways to hedge against inflation. Real estate being an inflation hedge investment is the only way out and PINCOOP making it possible for everyone to be able to access it with ease and even make more money than using the traditional way to invest in real estate is nothing short of a miracle and I would advise everyone to take advantage of this opportunity. They have indeed leveled the real estate market.
Tricia Ibeh
Financial Consultant
I would urge everyone to embrace the PINCOOP idea because of its ingenuity. You can co-invest to generate cash flow to take care of your ever increasing expenses- that in it’s self is everything. Knowing that real estate is a very safe investment and me listening to the PINCOOP executives also telling us that the investment properties would be insured- Double assurance! That’s the best thing to happen in the real estate sector. They are indeed disrupting the real estate market!
Engr. Bola Thomas
Civil Engineer


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